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Poster: Brad Leblanc Date: Oct 13, 2005 2:41am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Tagging FLAC files

So you don't want the artist or song name to be included with the file? Why? I thought there was no downside to this, and the artists would appreciate it. Please elaborate on the problem. The audio is unchanged...

It would basically add this info to all FLAC files.

Artist: (pulled from artist name you import)
Title: (pulled from song title in File Options)
Track Number: (auto generated based on filenames)
Album: (combination of show date and venue)

What is the concern? Why do we need permission to make sure information about the performance and artist travels with the files here?

Thanks for bringing it up though, this is an issue I obviously had not considered to this point, so I'd like to know what's up.


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Poster: Forkbeard Date: Oct 13, 2005 4:58am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Tagging FLAC files

Maybe it's the principle that the taper ought to retain control - the same way some tapers don't want lossy conversions.

From my limited perspective, I would welcome pre-tagged FLACs. Tagging is tedious. Auto-tagging might help proliferate lossless formats as well.